Specialized Waste Management

Specialized Waste Management in colombia

Waste management, environmental technologies, PCB, pesticides, heavy metals, cyanide, hazardous waste, waste managementSpecialized Waste Management.

Aware of the problems on waste management in our country, especially in relation to its low rates of utilization, recovery and reuse, we identify and implement environmental solutions through the most appropriate national or international technology. Our service aimes to reduce the large amounts of waste going to landfills, linking the needs of the productive chains with the developing of projects to seize, recover and reuse of materials from the industry. Among the services provided are:

Specialized Waste Management

° Studies on waste generation.

° “Zero Waste” initiatives.

° Search and evaluation of alternative uses, recovery, treatment and / or reuse of waste.

° Hazardous waste treatability tests.

° Special Projects: PCBs waste, mercury, Heavy metals, dioxines, cyanides, explosives and other hazardous substances.

° Waste to energy projects.